Prayer List

First name / Last initial Praise & Prayer Requests Praying to Invite
Stephanie C. I haven’t talked to my husband in 2 weeks. I haven’t seen him in over a month. I’m losing faith. I’m losing desire, I’m hurt and ready to give up. I don’t know if I want to do this anymore. Pray for clarity and strength. I don’t want to fall out of love, but it’s happening each day he contines to ignore me. I’m at the end of my rope.  
Celeste D. Started a new contract position – not a fit. So I will be ending the assignment. Pray to continue to see where God wants me to be. I took this position without talking to God.  
John and Melanie F. Pray for continued good healing for John from carpal tunnel surgery. Pray for John – for a miraculous healing from RA. Praise for my boss, Amy and thanks to her (and God) for the help with my back this week. So thankful for how He puts people in our lives to do His work through them. Pray for a healthy pregnancy for Mandy and baby peanut. Pray for strength and peace for Tracy; may she remember to lean in to God during this season.  
Gene and Vicky H. Please pray for my sister Karen and her son’s (Jason) relationship.  
Leah L. My mind is set to what God wants.  
Irene R. That God continues to work on me and makes me His sheep.  
Dawn S. Thank You Lord for hearing my prayers. I have been blessed with my family and health. I continue to pray peace over the next steps we take, that I may feel Your presence and You continue to show Your strength and love through me. Love, Your daughter. Briana, David and Miya have been attending church with me. Praise God, He hears our prayers.
Susie B. Please pray for Gary J., Trisha, Nadia, Dan, Joe G., Kenny, Susie, Cookie, Chris, and Dash. Thank you for all your prayers. I love You, Lord.  
Mary D. Rodney and his diet and health. Raiden – healing his arm. Anesa – housing. Roy – job and housing. Tina – job.  
Jim, Tracy and Becca O. Pray for my dad as he waits for a heart valve transplant. He is struggling to breathe and not doing well at this time. Pray for my depression (Tracy), it has been very bad these last couple of days.  
Olivia P. Please pray, I chose to take a severance and leave my corporate job after 19 years. Plans are school and hopefully work with children who have dealt with childhood trauma. Plans are to move back to Southern California, but not sure when. I’ve already been attacked spiritually since I made the decision.  
Jenny S. Please pray I can find a new therapist who is a Christian. Both my therapists are leaving Kaiser and they both were very strong with their faith.  
Anthony and Angela V. Please pray for dealing for the Brown’s family after their loss of Pete.  
Kevin W. Thank You for all my blessings!  
Ann, Briana and Jon B. Continued prayer for my parents, Dorothy and Jerry. Pray for my friend Olga, she is very ill and doesn’t know what is wrong. Pray for son, Jon – life direction and salvation. Pray for my sister-in-law Karina, for deliverance of alcoholism.  
Heidi G. Praise and thank God for blessing Paul and me with 3 fine young men – Hunter, Nick and Ben! Thank God for providing the opportunity for an incredible vacation with friends! I’m feeling so immensely blessed toay! Hunter, Nick and Ben – hunger, thirst and desire to continue life with Christ, seeking God’s will above their own and desiring God’s best path for them – all to God’s glory. Be their best, as God created them, before they were even born. To partner with God, seek out Christ in everything in their lives. To know and act on who they are in Christ and humble themselves before God. Kirsten and Carsten – soften their hearts to feel, hear, see and know Christ’s love and truth – salvation. Changed lives. Linda M., John and Linda T.
Paul G. Praise God for His faithfulness. Please pray for peace in our household. Please pray that Ben and Abbey will begin a deeper walk with Jesus.  
Bob H. Please pray for healing for Nathan A., in the hospital with a blood infection and fluid in his lungs. Jack
Brenda S. Please continue to pray for God’s guidance for my family. Also, please pray for my sister and brother in law as he had surgery on Friday for a brain tumor.  
Barbara S. Pray for my nephew who is in the Army and jumped out of a plane. The parachute didn’t open right and he fell and hit the ground. Broke his tailbone and smashed some things in his back. Please pray for recovery and healing.  
Amanda C. For Connor, going off to college and still battling anorexia. For mom and dad to help financial problem and give them strength to keep helping my brother Connor. For Logan my oldest brother, encourage him in his job. My niece Kristyn is having heart surgery on June 3 at 9:30am. She’s 12 years old. For me to keep going and to be open minded with my nieces moving to Idaho.  
Emmanuel and Katrina C. Pray for our business survey May 16 to be easy and we get our license for home health services. Pray for health issues.  
Karen L.   Bill, Jeff, Teresa, Andy, Tara, Kalvin, Sherry, Rusty, Steve, Andina, Tony, Lynda, John, Michelle, Johnnie, Jerry, Henry, Carol, Joan, Jon, Krista, Charlie, Nick, CJ, Larissa, Anthony, Joe, KayeLa, Tami, Larry
Bill R. My daughters, Brittany and Ashley.  
Cleve S. Please pray for me and my family, for our health and finances. For my mom, for her health. For Pearl and her family, for their health and finances. For her daughter, may she find a good home for her children. For a good job and a place of my own. For the homeless, may they find shelter. Thank you for all of your prayers.  
Edie T. Pray and bless the homeless and their pets. Pray for the victims of gun violence. Pray for Dina to get help with her addiction.  

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