Prayer List

First name / Last initial Praise & Prayer Requests Praying to Invite
Susie B. Please pray for baby Nadia, that she will be ok. Please pray for Trisha, Dan, Lewis, Micky, Susie, Cookie, Chico, Dash,and Toad. Please pray for my entire family. Please pray for Kenny. Please pray for our country.  
Emmanuel and Katrina C. Blessings and good health for Ben Cubol, birthday on January 18. Pray for Katrina to get well.  
John F. Pray for Jennifer and her struggle with chemo and its aftermath. Pray for my RA and its aftermath and the loss of what I was able to do.  
Nancy and Freddie G. Please pray for the leaders of this church and all those in the church following the leaders.  
Ryan H. I pray for the health of my family; in particular, my uncle Mark and grandpa James, who are suffering from cancer. Thank you Impact. Family
Leah L. God will continue to work in me.  
Nicholas P. Pray for family and friends.  
Betty Q. My coworker and friend needs prayer for her family. She found out Friday that her daughter was dead (I don’t know the details). She was only thirty, so Elizabeth is devastated. Pray for Christian people who are narrow minded. We should encourage each other, not tear each other down. Pray for my sister in law (God knows).  
Cleve S. Please pray for me and my family, for our health and finances. For my mom, for her health. For Pearl, for her family, for their health and finances. For the people affected by the government shutdown. Let the government come to an agreement that will make everyone happy. Thank you for your prayers.  
Angela and Anthony V. Please pray for physical recovery and rest. Praise God for the ability to serve.  
Vickie W. Continued prayer for my girls and I, going through some tough times, need healing, peace, and protection for all of us, including granddaughter, Caroline, who is due in about 7 weeks.  
Tina A. Ashleigh is going through severe mental health issues. I pray for her to get the help she needs and that she would be willing. I pray that I learn how to identify the source.  
Marisela C.   My brother, Edwardo.
Mary D. Pray for Anesa’s housing and good choices. Pray for Raiden – healing.  
Kimberly G. Please pray for my friend, Jodee. She will undergo surgery tomorrow. Pray for her safety and fast recovery.  
Tom and Winnie H. Winnie is having surgery on Friday the 18th to remove a tumor. Pray that it is not cancer, and pray for a quick recovery.  
Karen L.   Bill, Steve, Brittani, Jeff, Teresa, Andy, Tara, Kalvin, Shemy, Rusty, Andina, Toby, Lynda, John, Michell, Henry, Carol, Joan, Jon, Krista, Charlie, CJ, Larissa, Anthony, Joe, Kayela, Tamy, Larry, Nick, Johnnie, Jerry
Brandy P. I’d like to be prayed for. My kids and I’ve been struggling to find permanent housing for us, but my kids’ grandparents have allowed us to live with them until then. My husband and I are going through a divorce right now, and he’s losing his connection with God. He says he feels that God is punishing him. I’m asking for prayer for him. His name is Alan.  
Olivia P. Please pray for my sister, battling depression, and her purpose. Pray God gives her comfort and understanding. Also, please pray for my son Gavin, and niece Alyssa, for their future college journey. Turning 19 and 18. Pray I get my car situation figured out and not stress. Praise God, who allowed me to borrow a car today to attend church so I can teach. Very grateful.  
Jenny S. Pray for my family to live in the light and love of God. Also, pray for healing and forgiveness, for secrets kept for years regarding my boys. Janis and I are going across the United States in my wheelchair to bring awareness for the need of proper mobility aids for the disabled. We need help with someone to accompany Janis with driving. Please pray for my upcoming procedure on Wednesday. Thank you God for all you do for me.  
Dawn S. Thank You Lord, for being so faithful to me. You have heard every prayer of mine. Please help me to remember this always, and not get off track. Thank You for my church family. I want to say I have been blessed by God ,100 fold. Thank You for my twin baby boys, and my healthy pregnancy. David
Amber B. Please pray for my parents, they need to get back to Jesus; so do I. My kids, Blake and Caydence, that all the negativity doesn’t change them or break them. Please pray that I don’t break or give up, and that I can stay strong and positive for my kids. Please pray that we receive peace and a home, and pray that dad gets peace within himself. Thank you for all of your prayers.  
Cassandra D. May God continue to nurture my son and myself. Giving me His love, and illustrating that people are love. May I continue to seperate from individuals who are not filled with light. May I continue to build positive support for my son and myself. May I continue to seek the wisdom of God. May I continue to dwell in His body. God bless Impact. I love you!  
Melanie F. Pray for healing and relief of pain for John. Pray for peace in the waiting, as more labs and another procedure are scheduled, but not until March. If something else is wrong, may God heal John, so that come March, there are no negative results. Pray for strength and wisdom with parenting Reyna. May God soften her heart and remind her who she is in Him. May her attitude, words, and actions honor and glorify Him. Pray for strength and self control for me as I work to make healthier choices. Tina and Jennifer
Gene and Vicky H. A big thank you to everyone for their prayers. To continue for a full recovery. Mike F. (brother-in-law) and Steve V. (friend) both for jobs.  
Elizett I. Thank You God, I’m happy. Please keep Mark in your prayers, he has cancer. Julie, Wade, Leah, Eric
Cristal M. For God to lead my life, and guide me in His purpose for me. For God to direct the lives of my nieces and nephews; bringing them closer to Him.  
Bruce and Kelly P. Please pray for my son, Jason. That God shows him a God moment. I pray for Cassandra, God reach her, lift her up. Praise for my renewed relationship. Father, help me to look past the distractions so I can see the path You have for me.  
Jennifer R. Please pray for my daughter, for guidance and strength. That she knows she can turn to God for all worries. Pray for continued healing for those fighting with broken homes.  
Brenda S. Please continue to pray for our friends and family. Lead and guide us to God’s will and to give us wisdom, courage, strength and hope.  
Montaleto W. Pray for me, my family, and business. Pray that we all grow together in our Father’s name. Pray for prosperity and longivity, healing in a time of sorrow. Pray that we hold together and always stay in God’s eyes.  
Mischel Z. Thank You for walking through the darkness with me, and helping me come out and into the light. New year, new chapter, new directions, new me. God, renew my life, and help my girls and me to experience joy this new year.  
Jami A. Please pray for my brother Jeff G. He is traveling to Thailand on January 16th by himself. I’m very worried for his safety. Please pray that he is safe and gets home safely.  
Kitty D. Karen and Linda, peace and healing. Me, dental implants on Monday.  
Travares F. I want to pray for the health and safe birth of my baby, to give me a stonger mind to deal with anxiety. I pray for my girl, for her and the kids to find housing.  
Andrea H. Praise, healing well from my last surgery. Pray for no chemo and for clarity, peace and strength to make the right choices when it comes to treatment.  
Heather K. Praise that Katie found a job. Pray for my marriage and health. Pray that I hear God’s will related to my family and work.  
Carlisle P. I ask for prayer for my mother and father, Tom and Wanda. We lost a couple of relatives these last couple of months. I ask for prayer for my wife, for her health, emotional and mental. Pray for our children and our family to be united. Pray for my wife’s mother and father, Rose and Dewayne W. Pray for our grandson, Gio, and his mother and father. Pray for our siblings and their children. Thank you for all your prayer and support.  
Marie R. Please pray for my brother Mark, and the stomach cancer issue he is going through. Daughter-in-law, skin biopsy. Officers everywhere – protection.  
Amy S. Please pray that I can get through saving my house. It is very stressful at times; not worth it. I just want to quit. I pray that my daughter changes her hateful ways. It makes me worry about my grandbabies, it is something terrible. Depression is bad. I hope this year I will find happiness for the first time ever.  
Sarah W. Pray I get the job I applied for. I think I did right to leave teaching. Thank God for that insight. Pray that I get the right job.  
Manuel Family Pray for Drake W. as he goes through chemo.  

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