Prayer List

First name / Last initial Praise & Prayer Requests Praying to Invite
Susie B. Please pray for Trisha, Nadia, Dan, Levi, Micky, Cookie, Chino, Toad, Kenny, Gary J., Joe G. and myself. I need prayer for everyone. God, I love You. Your the only One. Praise Your Holy name.  
Leah L. Pray that my eyes are focused on God  
Olivia P. I am clueless on what I am doing since early retirement. I had a plan, yet feel as if I have been attacked, bed bugs, loss of furniture, friendships, car breaking down, just so much. Then, I stop and think of others and forget about myself instead of dealing. My neighbor just found out yesterday she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Please pray for her and her family. Her daughter attended VBS here a few years ago. I baptized her daughter here.  
Kimberly S. Please pray for my kids to become Christian with me. Please pray for me, I have anxiety and uncomfortable feelings in my heart. I’ve been a widow for 9 years now. Please pray for me to be able to find a relationship. I have felt so lonely and sad.  
Amy S. Please pray for my gram, she had a major stroke and isn’t doing well, she can’t move her right side at all. She is having trouble remembering. I also lost 2 friends within a week and a half. Pray for their families, one was my best friend for over 30 years. I’m having a very hard time with this one. Pray that I somehow find happiness.  
Denise W. Pray for aunt and cousins. Pray for Diamond, Jasmine and Destiny. Pray over my self and pray for this week. Pray over my life and pray for aunt in Atlanta GA. Pray over my bills. Pray over the family. Pray for my move this week. Pray over my aunt Amy M. Pray for help to move this week.  
Deborah A. God opened the door for me to be able to see my brother Lawrence, after 6 years! Continued prayers, it’s pretty much in His hands now.  
Agrifino and Laurdes E. For the Orozco family, pray for peace and strength as they go through grief and fear as wife/mom is slipping into God’s arms today.  
Anita H. Healing and confort for the McGraw family.  
Ron and Vangie N. Praise God for our amazing kids ministry, for nurturing our children every Sunday, but especially this past week for VBS!  
Kelly P. Thank You Father, my son Jason came to church today. Pray for a continued desire to walk with God. Jason, Jeremy, Maria, Laura.
Bill R. Pray for my daughters, Ashley and Brittany.  
Beth S. Pray for direction in my life.  
Deborah W. Family reconciliation.  
Cindy C. Pray for my niece Kira. Keep her safe and out of harm’s way. Bring her to me to safety. My whole family to be guided in Your will.  
Gene and Vicky H. Pray for Mike F. to get the job he interviewed for. For Jenny to get better.  
Emmanuel and Connie M. Pray for my brothers welfare in the Philippines. May God continue to comfort him in his difficult situation.  
Chris O. Please pray for me. Alot of changes are starting to happen, having fear of the unknown.  
Jennifer R. Raise the hearts of those that need extra love.  
Cleve S. Please pray for me and my family, for our health and finances. For my mom, for her health. For Pearl and her family, for their health and finances. For the homeless, may they find shelter. Please pray for me to find a good job and a place of my own. Thank you for all of your prayers, they help alot.  
Destiny W. Pray for my daughter, Diamond and me, Pray for Myra J. to go to church next Sunday. Pray for Randall D. Jr. to go to church next Sunday. Pray for me and my best friend Julisa, to come to church next Sunday.  
Mischel Z. Praise! VBS was an outstanding week! Thank You for blessing me and the others with the opportunity to share God’s love and light!  
Mary D. For my family, for Anesa, placement/housing.  
Teresa H. Praise! God is good. Selling my house this week and temporarily living at Cazadero Baptist Camp. Pray that God reveal and lead to why this cleaning from all I use as security. He has cut me loose. I have surrendered to His place of service.  
Liz P. I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and am scheduled for surgery on July 24. I know God is watching over me and my surgical team.  
Rebecca R. Please pray for my family, including my Grandma. I request for them to be healthy, happy, and protected by Jesus. Please bless Tina’s house for women.  
Brenda S. Praise that my brother in laws benefit went well and raised money for his medical expenses. Please continue to pray for my friends and family. Give us all courage, strength, wisdom and peace to do God’s will. Also, please pray for my childcare business as I am losing 3 children in August when they go to a new school. Please send new children for me to care for.  
Montaleto W. Pray for my family and business please.  
Ann and Briana B. Continue to pray for my parents, for health and peace.  

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