Prayer List

First name / Last initial Praise & Prayer Requests Praying to Invite
Susie B. Please pray for my entire family, Dan, Gary, Pearl, Cookie, Sam, Toad, Chico, Dash, Luke, Matt, Sara, Kenny, DeAnna and Micky. I thank You Lord with all of myself.  
Katrina and Emmanuel C. Continue to pray for Katrina’s pain all over her body, and her cough. Pray that the chemo treatment will stop giving her pain and very bad side effects. Pray that her cancer goes away and she is cancer free.  
Melanie F. Praise for an awesome word from Dustin! Thank you! Pray for Sam to discover that God has not forgotten him; may he return to the word of God to rediscover a relationship with him. Praise for amazing blessings and time with Reyna, Mandy and Natalie. Pray for wisdom and discernment with the baby shower and wedding planning. Continued prayers for a healthy pregnancy for Mandy and baby. Pray for a safe return for all of the men who attended Impact’s Faithful Mens Camp. I pray they experienced God and return home refreshed and restored through Him.  
Patty H. Pray for God’s will in my life and my kids, Jesenia and Julian.  
Dorcas M. Continue to pray for my family.  
Kelly P. Pray for me, pray I can find peace with my loneliness, confusion and hurt towards my relationship with my sons. Pray for my grandson, Jacob, as he enters the Marines September 9. Keep him safe and strong. Pray for a continued strength in my marriage. Jason, Jeremy, Melissa, Laura, grandkids
Estephen R. Me and my kids to find a place of our own, my family, my job and where God wants me to be in my life.  
Kim S. Thank You God, for providing this job that pays my bills and provides for our family.  
Debra W. I’m having so much trouble reconciling with my daughter. She has hardened her heart and I don’t feel that she loves me anymore. I pray for Crystal to become pregnant as well.  
Troy B. Marriage, Junay, Jordan, dad, mom and Drew.  
Dorene D. My mom Pauline is asking for prayers, for the pain to go away.  
Heidi G. Praise and thank God for healing Pickles. Thank God for providing a good home for our found kitten. Nick – absolute safety, blessing and favor in moving into his own apartment downtown. Provision for all needs.  
Patience I. Thank You Lord, for continuing to grant me strength to further my education as a pharmacist.  
John M. For my brother in law, Ken, who was diagnosed with stomach cancer. May he not lose his faith in Jesus.  
Patrick S. Gerry’s great granddaughter, Kyla, is going in for surgery on her brain. Please pray for everything to go well.  
Amy S. Pray for my gram, she has been in the hospital since June 19, she had a major stroke. She is not doing good. For myself, I am having a hard time with life right now. I am very angry, I hate going to work, I don’t like my bosses and one co-worker. My house is falling apart. I’ve had no roof since June. Everytime I fix one thing, something else happens. Money has already run out. I still have to put the roof on. I am so angry with life.  
Denise W. Pray over my daughter, Jasmine, aunt and uncle, Diamond and Destiny. Pray for our family and Amy R., pray over us. Pray over me, my birthday is today, pray over myself and cousins. Pray over my house, car and family. Amy and Janeen R.
Francesca C. Tomorrow is a huge lifestyle change, praying for God’s strength throughout. I know it’s only possible through the Lord.  
Katrina E. Pray for time management, as I started school yesterday, CCRC online with 10 units this semester while also working full time. Pray that I get back on track with my health journey. Prayer every morning helps me stay on track, so I need to start doing that again.  
Gene and Vicky H. Prayers were anwered for Tabitha and her new job.  
Karen L. Marie B.’s husband, Roger, will have a biopsy Monday. Continued prayers for their family. Continued prayers for Johnny’s family, his mom’s service is September 6. Continued prayer for Vince, for a place to live and for his heart. Bill, Jeff, Teresa, Andy, Kalvin, Tara, Rusty, Andina, Toby, Lynda, John, Michelle, Jon, Krista, Henry, Carol, Joan, Layla, Joe, Larry, Tami, Johnnie, Jerry, Mick, Charlie, CJ, Anthony and Larissa.
Rose O. Please pray for my son, Brycen and his behavior at home and school. We are struggling with agression, anger and impulsiveness.  
Heather R. Thank You God!  
Brenda S. Please continue to pray for our friends and family. Especially my sister and brother in law. He is now in Hospice and we don’t know how long he has left with us. Pray for my niece, she lost her fiance to suicide. Please pray for my family and our finances. I am still looking for children to care for.  
Destiny W. I need to pray for my daughter, Diamond to get a 1 bedroom apartment. I need to pray for Jamyra to go to church next Sunday. I need to pray for Shannon to go to church next Sunday. I need to pray for Rondell to go to church next Sunday.  
Angela B. Please continue to pray for my family, my father is very ill.  
Mary D. Raiden’s arm, Anesa – housing and recovery from stroke. Keith R. and family, on the death of his dad.  
Hunter G. Pray for wisdom, guidance and clarity towards the decisions I have to make at work and at home in the next couple of months.  
Heather K. Pray for our son’s, Sam and Austin, for guidance as they grow.  
Ron and Vangie N. Praise God for the arrival of my 4 cousins who will be staying with us for 6 months.  
Betty Q. Continued prayer for Vivian to get better. She is still sick and they do not know what is wrong, but she has had a long hall.  
Cleve S. Please pray for me and my family, for our health and finances. For my mom, for her health. For Pearl and her family, for their health and finances. For her granddaughter, that she has a healthy pregnancy. For a good job and a place of my own. Thank you for all of your prayers.  
Salina V. Please pray that God forgives me for all my nasty and dirty mistakes and choices. I want to run back to God without being afraid of rejection. Thank you.  

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