Impact’s road to spiritual growth is The Path. On it are steps we know grow people closer to God and lead to radically Changed Life.


The Path is carved up into three Mile Markers. Within each Mile Marker are four Steps to complete. No matter where you are on the Path right now, you can start checking-off the Steps and completing Mile Markers on the road to spiritual growth and changing lives.

Attending Regularly — is making weekend services a priority. Be here at least 3 weeks a month — better yet every weekend — to see real growth happen.

Accepted Christ — is crossing the line of faith and making the life-changing decision to follow Jesus by accepting the truth of who Jesus is and what He did for us on the cross.

Baptized — is by immersion in front of witnesses, after reaching the age where we understand and appreciate our choice, and is part of following Jesus.

Starting Point — is a series of 4 classes covering the basics of following Jesus, why we do what we do at Impact, and how to be a member of the church. We also cover the concepts and spiritual disciplines most likely to grow you closer to God and help you understand Him, as well as yourself.

Investing & Inviting — is fully embracing living life on mission by deliberately investing in relationships with those far from God and regularly inviting them to a conversation,  event or weekend gathering at Impact.

Serving at Impact — is all about sharing the spiritual gifts God gave us by serving others in at least one of the church’s ministries on a consistent schedule.

Small Group — is the community environment where significant life change happens, as we make our group a priority and a regular part of our week.

Tithing — is a part of God’s overall plan for financial management and requires giving 10% of our household income back to Him through the local church.

Serving the Community — is intentionally showing Christ’s love by faithfully participating in small group quarterly service projects, periodic all church service projects, and on your own initiative.

Mentor — is being a part of someone else’s life change and is perhaps the most challenging and rewarding aspect of living a life that honors and glorifies God. Impact has a complete program to make this happen, which starts with being mentored.

Giving Above & Beyond — is practicing Biblical generosity where we regularly give offerings, above and beyond the tithe, as the Holy Spirit may lead.

Leadership Training — is a three-month study and discussion to create synergy in all other steps causing exponential and sustained spiritual growth.

Weekly Service Times
Saturdays: 6:00pm
Sundays: 9:00, 10:15 & 11:30 am

916.4.CHRIST (424.7478)

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