The Weekend Experience

Each weekend at Impact, we tell a relevant story. We’re not a church stuck in tradition. We’re a church focused on telling a compelling story that can change your life. This means our weekend services are often unexpected and unique. No one service is the same because each story is teaching us something different and it’s all wrapped around the person of Jesus Christ.

When you come to Impact as a visitor, there are no expectations of you, period. We’re glad you’re here and want you to feel comfortable being in church. Impact really is different. Doesn’t matter how many tattoo’s you have, how many piercings, what color your skin or how bad of a past you have… you are welcome here. We’re just glad you are open to what a relationship with Jesus might look like.

Our services are engaging and meaningful. We use music, art, video and other media to tell the story. The band will take the stage and hopefully change your opinion of what church music is. You’ll hear a biblical message grounded in the Word of God that is relevant to your life. You’ll be invited to take communion with us and, for those who call Impact their home church, to bring their tithes and offerings.

During the weekend, we have a quality Children’s Ministry that cares for and teaches your children. We know how important that is and make sure they have a program geared toward them. They are cared for by trained and screened volunteers. Their safety is a priority. Visit the Check-In counter as you enter our front doors and there will be someone ready to help get your children where they need to go.

As you leave our building after services, our hope and prayer is that you have experienced something different when it comes to your view of church. We hope you see that a relationship with Jesus Christ can be vibrant and exciting.

What can I expect when I attend a weekend service?

Hopefully you’ll experience a positive encounter with God and a lot of fun. Our goal is to welcome you with a smile, provide you some coffee, and serve you well in the name of Christ. We do our best to provide a consistent environment of engaging music, heartfelt worship, and an interesting, biblical message that leads to life change.

Each service lasts about an hour. There will be some singing, time to take communion and, for those who call Impact their home church, an opportunity to bring tithes and offerings. The message will be around 25 minutes long. Each service is unique, creative and different. Hopefully you’ll leave with a different perspective on what church can be.

What should I wear when I attend?

The only dress code at Impact is… wear something. Flip flops and shorts are fine. So is a suit. You’ll find a variety of attire over the weekend, but the predominant style is extremely casual. Our pastors typically wear jeans.

Can my kids sit with me in the weekend services?

The short answer is yes. We understand it can be difficult dropping your kids off to people you don’t know. However, we want you to know we take extensive measures to provide a safe, clean, and well prepared environment for your child. Additionally, the adult gathering is not meant for children… especially those younger than High School age. And although we never want to be brash or crude, we often discuss matters that are not geared to children. We suggest giving our incredible Children’s Ministry a try.

Are you going to ask me for money?

The short answer is no. However, we will provide an opportunity to give for everyone that considers Impact their church home. A short explanation will precede the chance to give. We also provide an opportunity to turn in prayer requests and ask questions. This way, everyone has something to put in the basket as it is passed.

We don’t want your money. We take the stance that Jesus took. He wants your heart. He wants to love you. However, Jesus also said that where your ‘treasure’ is… your heart will follow. We understand money is a very personal thing. So, NO – we won’t ask for your money.

Do you teach the Bible?

Absolutely. The Bible is our supreme authority. It is our roadmap. Although we have many interesting and catchy titles to our various series throughout the year, they are all biblical in nature. We do our best to make the Word come to life in the hearts of those attending.

Do students have their own services on the weekends?

They do. Every Sunday, Impact Student Ministries has a service at 10:15 & 11:45am just for Students in 7-12th grade. Every Sunday there is a message given to help Students learn what life with Jesus is all about. So grab your friends and come and join us at one of the Sunday Morning ISM Services!

Do you take communion? If so, how often?

Yes. We provide a weekly opportunity to observe communion, but we don’t expect everyone to participate each weekend. A short explanation will precede a time to take a small wafer and grape juice representing Christ’s body and blood spilled on the cross of Calvary. This symbol is one of the most foundational sacraments of the Christian faith.

Can I bring a friend with me?

Are you kidding? That’s what this story is all about. We are passionate about inviting others into the life God has for us. Friends inviting friends is how we began many years ago and continues to be the primary way we reach out around us.

Do you baptize people?

Yes. We baptize people during our weekend services. After someone shows interest, we follow up to make sure their decision for Christ is clarified. A baptism leader arranges for the date and times to do the baptism. You’ll get all the details of what to wear and what is provided by Impact.

Do you have any outreach opportunities?

Impact is a church with a heart for the lost and the hurting. Because of this DNA we consistently have outreach opportunities to our community and around the world. We are close partners with the Elk Grove Food Bank and provided funds for them to be able to open their doors on Fridays. Each quarter, all of our Small Groups get out into their communities and do various service projects. We have also been involved in other areas as well, like the Sacramento Children’s Home, various school supply drives and St. John’s Women’s Shelter.

We also reach out globally with a combined partnership between Stadia: New Church Strategies and Compassion International, as well as working with other countries through mission outreaches in church planting.

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